This Is What Those Bumps On The Sidewalk REALLY Mean! Pass It On!

Have you noticed these bumps on the sidewalks in your cities and neighborhoods? Most people have, but until they realized just how important they were, wouldn’t have been able to say if they made any difference. A lot of people thought that the bumps might be there for extra traction when it rained or snowed, but it turns out that those unassuming little patches in the sidewalk serve a much more important purpose!
Those rubbery bumps have actually been placed there to help the visually impaired navigate the sidewalks and stay safe. They are usually brightly colored to helpĀ the visually impaired or who only have partial vision. Sometimes, the color fades and the city fails to replace them which can sometimes lead to problems.

What makes them so interesting? There are different patterns that explain different types of intersections. Off-set dots indicate the edge of a train platform (and that you could fall into it), and striped patterns indicate stairs or uneven pathways. There are a lot of different patterns that most seeing people have never noticed!

Does your city use a system like this for the visually impaired? It makes a huge difference in the lives of people who need it. Genius!

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