THIS Is What She Was Wearing When She Got Sent Home From School. The Teacher’s Excuse? Infuriating.

Tessa Wisow is demanding that the school’s policy regarding the dress code be changed. Not because she wants to wear revealing clothing or a short skirt, but because the school doesn’t actually know what is and is not acceptable. The last straw for Tessa? A teacher told her to remove her sweater to see if her undershirt had sleeves or not.

This is the outfit that Tessa was wearing when a teacher wanted her to take off a piece of clothing to see what she was wearing underneath:

I told her, “Excuse me, this is my outfit. I’m not going to take off my jacket.” But the teacher insisted that she had to check to see if her shirt had sleeves underneath.5.12a1

I thought the strap on my book bag may have brought my jacket down…” It hadn’t. The teacher gave her a verbal warning that ended up in her file.

According to the dress code policy, tank tops, muscle shirts, and shirts without sleeves are prohibited, but the policy does not specify if a student can wear such items underneath a cardigan or jacket. Tessa thought it was safe to do so because the rule implies that wearing these items by themselves is prohibited.

The only reason these items are listed is to stop students from showing too much skin – the only visible skin Tessa was showing that day was her face and hands.

We live in Florida. It’s 90-some-odd degrees and it’s hot.” Her father said, upset that his daughter was harassed into removing an article of clothing.

The director of exceptional student education said that students can wear the items under jackets and cardigans as long as they don’t show skin, and she is concerned that a teacher would ask a student to remove clothing to check. Obviously, this will cause issues.

The district spokeswoman defended the school, saying that children are not allowed to wear these items at all, and it is best for students to avoid them.

So…will they be asking students to remove their outer wear to check and see what kind of undershirt they have on? Because this is getting ridiculous.

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