THIS Is What It Looks Like To Have Poison Ivy In Your EYES! The Result Is Terrifying.

Emily is a 21-year-old woman who lives in Newington, Connecticut. Lauren is her 17-year-old sister.

Emily went fishing, and also apparently taking care of a few feral cats, when she noticed a rash of poison ivy on her arm. It was uncomfortable, but not too terrible. It just meant that she would have to wrap it and be careful not to let the rash spread.

…Except on Sunday night, she noticed “little red bumps” on her eyes. She went to bed, thinking it would clear up by morning. She was so, so wrong!

On Monday morning, her eyes were so swollen that she could barely open them!

I didn’t recognize myself…the back of my eyeballs itched.”

She used all of her strength to text her friend to take her to a walk-in clinic. As the two sat in the doctor’s office, her friend snapped a picture of her horribly swollen face and sent it to Emily’s sister, Lauren.

Lauren immediately knew that the world needed to see the result of a poison ivy rash on someone’s eyes and posted the before and after of getting it near your eyes. It went viral with over 30,000 retweets with people comparing her face to anything and everything.

Poison ivy and other oil-based irritants are easier to get on your eyelids, but getting it in your actual eye can happen, especially if there was a previous injury to the eye.

It only really hurt when there was a lot of pressure, she says, but now she has medication that should take her face back to normal in no time!

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