THIS Is The Reason Mosquitoes LOVE You, And This HACK Is How To Keep Them Away Naturally!

Growing up, your grandparents may have used the term “mosquito magnet” when referring to the kids running around in the back yard. You’d come inside only to be slathered in lotion to try and stop the itching from all of the mosquito bites…and your cousin wouldn’t have a single mark! Why did the mosquitoes only bite you and not the other kids? Well, scientists have a pretty good idea, and it turns out that you don’t need smelly, chemical spray to keep those nasty bugs away.7.5a1A number of factors are at work when it comes to a mosquitoes preference. Type ‘O’ blood, ammonia and lactic acids released from movement and sweating, the color of your clothing (they love black, red, and dark colors), and even being pregnant! Although, at 6 years of age, you didn’t fit that last category!

7.5a5A natural repellent is easy to make and will last a while! Grab a jar and fill it with a few lemon and lime slices, two sprigs of rosemary, and 10+ drops of lemon eucalyptus oil. Fill it up with water and place a floating candle on top! It will repel mosquitoes and they won’t ever get used to it (like they would with bug spray) so you can use this all during the warmer months!

A quick mixture that you can apply to your skin can be made out of the same ingredients. Mix rose oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender, citronella, or peppermint with vegetable or coconut oil to keep those bugs away!

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