This Is The Puzzle Driving EVERYONE Crazy! Can You Solve It?

This is the logic puzzle that has a LOT of people scratching their heads in utter confusion. The premise is simple:

There is only one car, and there is only one true statement.

It means that two of these boxes are lying, and two of these boxes are empty; it’s up to you to figure out where the car is! Take a look at the puzzle below and try your best. Can you solve it?
It gets tricky.

If Box 1 is true, it means Box 2 and Box 3 are false…but that isn’t right because Box 2 would also be true according to the rules.

If Box 2 is true, it means that Box 1 and Box 3 must be false…leaving the car in limbo.

If Box 3 is true, then Box 2 and Box 1 are FALSE, which means that the car really is in Box 2!

How did you do on this complicated logic puzzle? Did it make any sense?! No wonder it has gone viral!

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