This Is The Picture That Was Reported And Removed For “Violating Instagram Guidelines.” We Don’t Get It.

Morgan Bartley is a 19-year-old college student who began documenting her incredible weight loss journey on Instagram, a site that allows users to post photos and descriptions for their followers. While there have always been negative comments and people being rude just for the sake of it, this cruel act went too far.

She posts progress photos of her weight loss for everyone to see, and often compares her current weight to older photos for context. She loves to share the positive and negative sides to everything she experiences, but this time, someone went too far. An anonymous user reported and flagged this photograph, and had it removed for “violating” the rules of Instagram. 

Having my vulnerability in that initial post overlooked and rejected was embarrassing and hurtful,” she said. “I questioned my own transformation, my own body.”

Bartley has been through a lot. At the age of 15, she experienced an ovarian torsion which resulted in the loss of one of her ovaries, leading her doctors to suspect that she would never have a biological child. It led her into a depression so intense that she developed a binge eating disorder…but two years later, she wanted her life back.

She had weight loss surgery, changed her diet, and began a more active lifestyle than ever before. Her inspirational messages have inspired others to follow in her footsteps, and while having her photograph removed was hurtful…it doesn’t mean that she’ll give up!

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