This Is The Picture Someone Chose To Get This Chihuahua Puppy Adopted

When a friend in Texas posted pictures on Facebook, one user couldn’t hold back their giggles. Their friend was trying to convince people to adopt this Chihuahua puppy mix and had made a post to be seen by family and friends. They uploaded several pictures to showcase the dog’s nature…but one picture clearly stood out from the rest!The picture was an instant hit! People wanted to know what the little puppy was mixed with, and the poster guessed it might be a Chihuahua mixed with “nobody knows. Part crab? Part fruit loop? It’s anyone’s guess.” Good to know. Many people guessed that the dog may have been crossed with a Lab, but no one can tell for sure. Especially from that picture.Thankfully, there were other (significantly more normal) pictures uploaded to prove that the dog was a lovable (and very normal) looking dog! Hopefully the pooch will be adopted quickly! Most shelters try and snap a realistic picture to show the dog in their best light…not this guy!

Would you adopt a puppy that liked to take hilarious pictures?

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