This Is The Most Accurate “Conference Call Bingo” That You’ll Ever See.

One of the worst things about using technology in the workplace is the conference call. At first, it sounds like a good idea. It saves people from different departments and projects and companies from having to take a day away from the desk to meet in person, but it brings along a slew of aggravating setbacks that will have everyone fighting off impatience.

Whether you’re in banking or architecture or run a small business selling embroidered pillows, this chart applies with hilarious accuracy.

People were quick to chime in with their own aggravations regarding conference calls. One of the most popular made hundreds of people cringe: the entire conference call being put on hold by a single person and the rest of the people having to talk over hold music!

A surprising amount of people don’t know how to work the “mute” button, it turns out, as it was one of the most popular additions to the chart.┬áInterrupting the call to take an early lunch, making everyone wait ten to fifteen minutes for someone who cancels regardless, and having to summarize the meeting so far to latecomers were all close seconds!

Would you have any to add?

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