This Is The First (And Probably LAST) Time The British Government Asks The People To Help Them Name Something Historic!

This is an un-named vessel that is still in production. Its main mission will be to transport 90 scientists and support staff to the Arctic and Antarctic, spending 60 days at sea in order to conduct research.

Perhaps it was a case of “let’s try to make this more exciting, since we’re spending public funds on this,” or maybe just a spontaneous decision by a group of people in a conference room. Obviously, there is a logical explanation for this giant, hilarious disaster, but at the moment, no one cares what it is.


Shown here is a picture of the still nameless vessel. In large white letters, “NAME OF VESSEL” is printed on the hull, to be named via a public vote. The top contenders are:3.21a7That’s right. Boaty McBoatface is the front runner in this poll, with a nearly 18,000 vote lead above other more inspiring choices. The poll launched by the Natural Environment Research Council (thankfully) outlines that these are suggestions that will be taken under consideration. They were looking for a name that would let the world know that the Royal Research Ship was a respectable endeavor to learn more through, you guessed it, research.

However, the clever (or perhaps not so clever) name is not alone on this list of ridiculous suggestions.

  1. RRS Boaty McBoatface
  2. RRS Henry Worsley
  3. RRS Pillar of Autumn
  4. RRS David Attenborough
  5. RRS Boaty McBoatface the return
  6. RRS Boat
  7. RRS Pingu
  8. RRS It’s bloody cold here
  9. RRS Usain Boat
  10. RRS Tiffany Aching
  11. RRS Red Dwarf
  12. RRS Tom Crean
  13. RRS Ice Ice Baby
  14. RRS Notthetitanic
  15. RRS Ada Lovelace

While there are a few that would commemorate the lives of influential people, a few other suggestions are equally quirky. The RRS Ice Ice Baby, and the RRS Notthetitanic just might pull through. The deadline for the voting is April 16, 2016, but the website has since crashed due to the massive amounts of interest taken in the naming of this ship.

Someone jumped at the chance to create a twitter account for the boat, and is quickly filling its page with reasons to name the ship Boaty McBoatface.

While no one actually expects the NERC to go ahead with the name, many people are still holding out hope. At this point, their expedition has garnered thousands of times the recognition than it would have received otherwise. Why wouldn’t they follow through with this hilarious suggestion?

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