This Is The Easy Car-Freshener Hack That Has Saved Drivers A LOT Of Money! Would You Try It?

Tabitha was tired of buying expensive car fresheners that never seemed to work after the first day or two. Even the little contraptions that claimed last for more than a week ended up being useless by the end – and it meant that she had wasted even more money trying to keep her car smelling nice. But then, she had an idea. And everyone loved it.

She had a little mason jar salt and pepper shaker. She figured this would be her best bet at the idea she wanted to try…it had holes for letting out the scent, but was glass which meant that there was no chance of it melting in the Kentucky heat.Next, she took a trip to Walmart and bought a small package of wax melts from the scented candle isle. It cost her less than $2, and she got several little squares to use over the coming weeks. She chose the scent that she liked the best and put a few cubes into the jar.

When her car heated up after sitting in the sun all day, the wax melts began to give off their delicious scent and her car smelled so much better!Even if your car doesn’t get hot enough to melt the wax, simply heating them up will do the trick. It probably won’t work in the winter time, she says, but it’s a great DIY hack for those toasty summer months!

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