This Is How Different Animals See The World Compared To Humans

Most humans see the world in a full spectrum of colors, making the world around us full of vibrant color and stunning contrast. But scientists are learning that not every animals on Earth sees the world in the same way – or with the same colors!

DOGS have only two cones in their eyes as opposed to a human’s three cones, which means they aren’t able to see reds and greens easily. This is why dogs usually prefer blue toys!
SNAKES rely on infrared sensors to spot movement rather than make out details – this makes them effective predators!FLIES have thousands of reactive “spots,” which means they detect movement with shocking speed. While the “big picture” looks distorted and grainy, it means the fly will be able to dodge and evade danger extremely quickly.BIRDS have four cones in their eyes, making their vision incredibly broad. They can see a much wider range of colors than we can, making their world incredibly detailed and filled with details we will never see.CATS can see more than humans (200 degrees versus our 180 degrees), but they don’t see color as vibrantly as a human will. This quirk in their vision allows them to focus on movement rather than details as they are natural predators.BEES see in ultraviolet light instead of color. This allows them to detect even the slightest traces of pollen on plants and trees and flowers, making it easier to pollinate plants and gather pollen for the hive.Learn something new?

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