This Is How A Baby’s Eyes Perceive The World From Birth To One Year!

An eye clinic developed a tool to help us understand how an infant’s eyesight changes from month to month! Clinic Compare, with help from a consultant at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London came up with this GIF that shows just how quickly a baby’s eyesight improves over the first year of its life.

Even at birth, an infant isn’t able to focus on anything more than black and white shapes, and most babies don’t recognize color until after their third month. Distance affects focus more than anything in the later months, which is why most babies recognize their primary caregiver (most often, this is the mother) before anyone else!
As their brain gets used to patterns and processing information, their vision gets stronger. Facial muscles and coordination develops at around the same pace, which is why many infants “smile” around 3 months, when they can recognize mom!

Finally, a child’s eyesight is fully developed by two years of age. Their sense of adventure and curious minds become the most active when they can begin processing what they see.

Some medical professionals suggest that for the first few hours of its life, an infant may actually see the world upside-down due to the way the eyeball perceives images, but no official studies have been conducted to prove that this may last more than a few hours or days.

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