This Instagram Model Just Brought Back The Unibrow And People Can’t Handle It

For decades, women have wasted countless hours waxing and plucking and shaving their body hair to try and fit the social expectations of “beauty,” but more and more women are over it. Instead of spending an entire Thursday night trying to get rid of natural body hair, they’re choosing to live life in the body they were born with, and for Sophia Hadjipanteli, that means rocking some pretty incredible eyebrows. The best part? She doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

I personally think my face looks better this way. Others disagree, and that’s totally cool,” she said about her brows.

Although she’s got a strong feature that instantly draws attention, she hopes that in time, people won’t see it as something that defines her. She treats it like an accessory: “like it’s winged eyeliner or red lipstick.”

She even tinted them once on accident and loved it when they turned black. 

She wants to promote the idea that beauty doesn’t have to follow any standards.

In five years I might look back and think, ‘that was a cool phase!’ But until people start to accept others for this specific feature on their face, I won’t feel ready to move on from it.”

The pictures are a hit with her fans (over 100,000 on Instagram) and thousands of people constantly thank her for being so open about her daily struggles and opinions. Having confidence is half of the battle, and she hopes to encourage others to embrace their beauty without worrying about what others will think.

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