This Infant Was Born With Part Of Her Brain Inside Of A Sac! Her Doctors Performed A MIRACLE!

At only 20-weeks-old, little Isabella was given a very low chance of survival. Her mother had gone in for an ultrasound when doctors discovered that her unborn child was affected by something that only happens to 1 in 10,000 babies. She would be born with an encephalocele, a sac that is filled with fluid and brain matter, due to the neural tube not forming her brain and spinal cord properly. They planned her funeral and knew that they might only have a few precious moments with their daughter before she passed away.On the day of the Caesarean section, doctors did everything they could for the child. At three days old, they performed surgery to surgically remove the sac and reinsert the small amount of her brain that had grown outside of her skull.

Despite their success, doctors were fearful that Isabella may have brain damage and never walk, talk, or hit any milestones growing up…if she survived at all.After 13 days in the NICU, the family took Isabella home. At nine months old, she was able to sit up by herself. At 18 months, she took her first steps. She developed speech slowly, but was able to improve quickly once she was placed in a per-school at age 3. She underwent several surgeries to correct her vision, but aside from that, she is perfectly healthy.At four years old, she is just like the others around her, playing with toys, exploring the world, and loving her two older siblings.

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