This Incredible Soup Kitchen Treats Dining Homeless Like Paying Customers

A soup kitchen in Missouri is making waves with an incredible standard when it comes to serving the homeless, and they only hope that other soup kitchens might one day follow suit. The Kansas City Community Kitchen has served low-income and homeless guests for over 30 years now, but in early 2016, the decided to do something revolutionary.

They decided to hire hosts and waiters in order to serve everyone like a restaurant.

They refer to it as “dining with dignity,” and every weekday between the hours of 11AM and 2PM, guests are not “homeless” and “needy,” but are instead referred to as “diners.”Their customers arrive and are seated by the hosts. Their orders are taken by the wait staff. Their delicious food arrives in several courses as the menus include a variety of choices instead of being served whatever is scheduled that day.

The meals are put together by a skilled culinary team, so not only are the dishes beautiful, they allow their diners to choose what they want to eat. Many of the meals are suggestions made by the diners themselves. The team makes sure that each meal is balanced and healthy.

When a few diners suggested barbeque, the staff quickly went to work. They prepared chicken and transformed it into pulled chicken barbeque sandwiches topped with their own in-house sauce. They made sure it didn’t have as much salt and sugar as the unhealthy versions had.

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