This Illinois Couple Is Over The Moon! Their 100th Grandchild Has Just Been Born!

Leo and Ruth Zanger have been together for 59 years, and they have to family to prove it. Most people would think that their celebration would be for their 6 decades of life together, but they consider 100 grandchildren to be quite the accomplishment!

Little Jaxton becomes the 100th grandchild to this couple, and they love it. However, they are countingĀ allĀ of their kiddos in this number. 53 grandchildren, 46 great grandchildren, and 1 great, great grandchild makes 100! Leo and Ruth are still healthy and expect to live for quite a while longer and expect even more adorable additions to their family soon!

Even though there are so many people in their family, it doesn’t stop them from regularly getting together to celebrate holidays and birthdays. Instead of trying to fit all of those people at one house, they pool their resources and rent a banquet hall at a local church. This way, everyone can eat together! Large meals are quite the affair, and everyone is assigned a task beforehand so that nothing ever gets overlooked.

Before Jaxton was born, no one had bothered to count how many children had been born after the grandparent’s kids…but one day, someone stopped to actually count and realized that the number was far more than anyone imagined!7.8a9

When the story went viral, people in the comment section wanted to know if the happy couple was able to recognize all of the kids and remember their names…I’d say that as long as they know they are family, it doesn’t matter.

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