This Husky Dressed As A Reindeer Is NOT Amused…But We Are!

Apparently, there is a being even more sinister than The Grinch. Surprise! It’s this Husky.

Anuko the Husky is rarely amused by anything. His furrowed brow might be the trick of some very convenient fur coloring, but way he glares about can’t really be explained away. He’s just…grumpy. A lot.

Even when he is facing treats and peace offerings, he just can’t help but be put off by life in general. So, when his human decided that he should try on a pair of reindeer antlers, he instantly became two things:

Even less amused than before…and festive!
Although he is intense, the helpful pup didn’t try to move or take off his antlers and scarf. He even posed nicely for the pictures!

Well, he didn’t smile, but he tolerated the sudden photo session with more grace than most other dogs would have. His displeased mug went viral as people fell in love with the “grumpy dog” in all of his festive cheer!

Hopefully, he finds some of that holiday magic and stops being so grumpy all of the time!

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