This House Will Last 100 Years…And It’s Made Of CARDBOARD! Talk About “Environmentally Friendly!”

This tiny house is making headlines not only because of it’s durability, but because of what it is made of. Architect Shigeru Ban discovered a way to mold and shape high-strength cardboard into various structures and pavilions, but has recently turned his sights onto creating tiny homes out of the material. The homes are made at the Fiction Factory in Amsterdam, but the way they are building houses is going viral.8.12a7The home is created in 1.2 meter long segments (seen below) and can be as long or as short as people want! The durable cardboard is made from felled trees (but they make sure to plant extra trees in its place) and is wrapped around a mold in the shape of a house. There are 24 layers of cardboard held together with strong glue. The entire structure is then wrapped with a waterproof coating and wooden exterior, made to to weather most any storm.
8.12a8The homes don’t need a foundation since they are light weight, and are predicted to last 100 years – enough for a lifetime.

People are excited about this project because the structures are more durable than traditional housing and easier to replace if they ever get damaged. Transporting the homes is simple, adding on costs less than a traditional home, and because they are so environmentally friendly, more people are turning away from commercially constructed homes each year.

We think this style of house is innovative and won’t be surprised if these types of houses start popping up everywhere!

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