This Hot Chocolate Looks Nothing Like Hot Chocolate. Enjoy A Unicorn In A Mug!

Who says that hot chocolate needs to actually look like hot chocolate? That’s right. Nobody. Nobody said that.

And, for those of you who don’t eat anything unless it looks absolutely magical, this is great news for you, too! Now, you can get a hot chocolate that looks cute instead of that normal, boring brown color.

Creme & Sugar is a cafe that transforms ordinary food items into magical unicorn-inspired creations. Diners get a fanciful experience into a world of color and sprinkles and marshmallows and…well, basically anything that is colorful and filled to the brim with sugar.

The drinks are made with white chocolate and vanilla mixed with cream instead of the regular brown cocoa, and people are in love!The adorable drink is a favorite of many, and people might be having more fun taking pictures than actually drinking the beverages…but can you really blame them? Look at these cups!

With a bit of food coloring and a lot of sprinkles, these steaming cups of chocolate are bringing a new spin on an old classic! While we aren’t too sure if it will ever replace a cozy brown cup of hot cocoa, having the option to dive into a sparkling rainbow cup of happiness isn’t something that we’re complaining about.

It’s just so cute!

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