This Horse Is Giving Shampoo Commercials A Run For Their Money! These Pictures Are Gorgeous!

His name is Frederick the Great and he lives in the Ozark mountains. This Fresian stallion is breaking records and hearts as the most beautiful stallion to have ever lived (probably). His long, flowing mane and glistening coat is like something out of a fairy tale. Brides all want pictures with this glorious beast, and photographers love to see him in action. I can honestly say that I have never taken a picture as beautiful as this horse. And if I did, I’d need all of the photoshop. All of it.So, what does a rugged, handsome horse like to do for fun? Run majestically through the fields and leap over broken logs. And maybe save a princess or two.What about posing against the sunlight? Yep. He loves that, too. A big part of his charm is the fact that his hair has grown longer than most horse-owners allow. Braided and cut and brushed, many horses have a unique style that is kept in check. Frederick the Great’s style is natural and effortless!
His wedding photographs are like something out of a story book. She looks amazing, but I would not want my wedding day overshadowed by this magnificent horse.
Happy and free, Frederick the Great is by far the prettiest horse I’ve ever seen. Who knows, maybe he’ll have his own movie one day! If anything, at least a really, really, really awesome shampoo commercial.

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