This Homeless Man Gave ALL Of His Spare Change To A Struggling Mother. THIS Man Decided That He Couldn’t Stand By And Watch Him Walk Out Of The Door!

It seems like there are more and more homeless people on the streets these days – if only for the simple fact that we are being encouraged to finally see them. Social media is showing us a side of this world that we would normally ignore. On the walk to work or out running errands, looking straight ahead of down at our phones, we tend to look past the men and women standing about or sitting on the sidewalk. We might read their cardboard signs or drop spare change into their cups once in a while, but doing more than that seems a hassle. Until now.


…I gave him my order and I took his…money doesn’t mean anything if you aren’t helping others.”


How can we live day by day, knowing that just down the road, an aging man is sitting on a piece of cardboard and can’t remember the last time he’d eaten a hot meal? Or an out-of-work mother is doing her best to keep her children in school. Helping them to get back on their feet, to find jobs, to find homes, and to eat three meals a day should be a common goal among our society. And thankfully, social media (and touching stories like this one) will help us get closer to that ideal!

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