This Homeless Cat REALLY Hates Mangoes. And Probably Everything Else. “Homeless Grumpy Cat” Is Too Cute!

If this little ball of angry, hilarious, adorable fluff came prancing up to you, what would you do? Seriously. Look at this cat. Most of us would immediately pick it up and try to cuddle. Or at least feed it. Paul Tateosian, a real estate agent from Florida, did just that.6.23a1

He was in the middle of a property inspection when this little fuzzy wonder walked up and started meowing for attention. His fur was filthy and matted from lack of care, and he was very skinny. He looked as if he hadn’t gotten a decent meal in a long time.

Although his face looked unsatisfied with…well, everything…he was very friendly and didn’t want the cuddles and petting to stop. Paul was happy to oblige, sitting next to the cat and petting his fur and giving him the love that he hadn’t had in a while.

Paul found a mango on the ground, so he cut it up and tried to feed the cat. The poor animal didn’t want the fruit but stayed close to Paul while the inspector conducted his property inspection. The cat seemed to be starving for attention more than he was for food.6.23a2

The tenants had abandoned the building and the owner had never lived in the house. The inspector decided to take the cat home as he had most likely been abandoned, and with the threat of alligators, hawks, eagles, owls, and snakes, it just made sense.6.23a3

He named the cat Garfield and has vowed never to try and feed him mango. Ever again.

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