This Historical Statue Looks SINISTER Once Snow Starts To Fall

The statue of Jakuba Wejhera stands proudly in Wejhreowo, Poland. The statue was erected to honor the 17th-century noble man for his military prowess and hand in founding the city of Wejherowo in the year 1643. After fighting in the Thirty Years’ War, he returned to Poland and defended the people against the Swedish invasion during the Deluge. He went on to found monasteries, churches, and other settlements.

But Wejhera’s accomplishments aren’t the reason that citizens and tourists are huddling around his larger-than-life figure when the snow starts to fall…At the first sign of snow fall, this giant statue transforms in Darth Vader, the Sith Lord from the popular movie trilogy, Star Wars. The resemblance is incredible.Locals have dubbed him “Darth Vejher,” and his quirky transformation is making people giggle all around the globe! Would you go on a trip just to see this statue in the snow? Most people say no, but that they wouldn’t mind stopping by to see him if they happned to be in the area.

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