This Hilarious Pad Thai Order Sounds Like A Dangerous Threat! This Is Crazy!

If you’ve never had spicy food that made you regret every single one of your life choices, you’ve probably never experienced a dish like this one. Generally, the noodles you pick up from the food court at the mall won’t be hot enough to warrant much more than a sip of water after eating them. According to people who have tried “true Thai spices,” the Pad Thai that a local restaurant sells is actually “a little bland.” But when you sit down at the table and specify that you’re not playing around, that you want thoseĀ Thai Spice levels of pain, you’ll probably feel it for days.

That’s what happened to this guy. He didn’t order the regular Pad Thai off of the menu; he wanted the spiciest flavor that they made. When he got his receipt, he laughed (through the tears) because it was exactly as spicy as the order said it would be.

To the sound of “17 Spicy” and their note to the chef in the back made him realize just how serious they were about their spices.

MAKE HIM REGRET BEING BORN” the ominous instructions read.

He did indeed regret his choices after the meal. It’s been a few days. We hope he’s doing alright.

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