This High School Wanted To Prove Why Education Was Important. They Did It In A BIG Way!

Holmes High School freshmen got a huge lesson in what it means to live in society today. When starting high school, most of the students are 13, 14, 15 years old and haven’t really thought much about why their grades matter. They haven’t even begun to think about how they want to make a living, and this high school is trying to change that mentality by giving their students a harsh dose of reality. 

Students were assigned a monthly salary based solely on their current GPA and a random number of children of varying ages. The students had to visit different booths that had been set up around the gym, such as insurance, vehicles, utilities, groceries, rent, clothing, health, taxes, child care, charities, second jobs, and payment plans. If they had any money left over, there were booths for entertainment, vacations, and beauty.

The overall experience left students with a new reality: “Stuff is expensive!”

I am proud of my ability to budget my money and still have some left in the end.” Said one student that was able to get everything done.

Others didn’t have such an easy time of it.

I’m going to be one broke person if I don’t get my GPA up.” Said another.

Volunteers from the high school, nearby elementary schools, the board of education, support services, and others helped the students make sure they could pay all of their bills. People were glad that the school was taking steps to help prepare children for “the real world,” and hopefully these freshmen will approach the next four years with bigger goals in mind than simply graduating.

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