This High School May Have Just Printed The First Ever Braille Yearbook

The yearbook is an impressive piece of work that stands over a foot tall and had to be separated into four volumes. The Windsor High School in California may also be the first to have their 2015-2016 high school year book printed in braille. In addition, they have printed the theme in braille on the cover of all of the other yearbooks.

The idea was first pitched by the yearbook’s editor-in-chief, Charlie Sparacio, at a summer yearbook camp in 2015 after his staff won a $500 prize. It would be printed for a well-respected senior at their high school named Maycie Vorreiter, a blind student. The school reached out to a publisher, who agreed to split the cost to have the yearbook printed at a sum of $4,000!The yearbook staff was able to keep the project a secret for the entire school year and surprized Maycie with her very own yearbook! She was amazed when they gave her the copy.

It was one of those really awesome moments that I would want to relive again,” Vorreiter said. “My hope is that in the future, if there are other visually impaired students that go through high school, they get a yearbook for their senior year, too.”

As time goes on, we hope so, too. Whether the cost of printing will be more affordable or new technologies will be developed to make her dream a reality, she’s optimistic for the future…and thanks to the kindness of her fellow students, she can look back on the past with her awesome braille yearbook.

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