This Hallway Was TOO Narrow For That Closet! (What Were The Builders Thinking?!) She Fixed It.

Not only was this hallway obnoxiously small, the doors to the coat closet weren’t sliding doors or folding doors…they were regular doors. This meant that the cramped space became even MORE cramped if anyone tried to open it, and made it impossible to look in the closet and access the garage at the same time. Ridiculous, right? She decided to fix it, and we think her solution was genius.11-4a13Coming and going through this hallway was kind of a nightmare. It was a giant cluster of crazy trying to get out the door each morning.” She wrote.

So, she simply took off the doors and removed the hinges. Once the entire closet was visible, it seemed a little insane that someone had decided to put doors on it in the first place (especially double doors), as it was just so…small.11-4a14After transforming the blank wall into a large, chalkboard calendar, she got to work on the small indent where the dysfunctional closet used to be. She added a colorful bench, shelves for storage (and decorations), and even kept little hooks so that the coat closet could remain just that – a closet.11-4a16With multiple kids and hectic schedules, it was important to find a way to organize their entire life. Utilizing this useless space seemed to do the trick! This transformation inspires us to take a look at the things in our homes that we “put up with” and ask ourselves…”why?” Why not do something crazy, like rip off the doors?

You can find more details on this project here, and see the tutorial for the calendar-wall here.

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