This Hair Salon Has A Bizarre Method For Giving Someone A Trim. It Involves A LOT Of Gel!

The M&M Friseure salon in Fürth, Germany is gaining popularity…and many of their fans will never even visit! The reason for the interest in this shop is highly unusual, but it has everything to do with they way that their stylists get their clients a haircut. A quick trim shouldn’t make headlines, but when your method looks like something out of an early 90s music video, it’s understandable.

First, the hair is separated into sections. It might seem random, but the sections are strategically selected based on what hairstyle the client is looking for. Here, the client wants a short bob with a modest amount of layers. Her hair is separated into four sections with more hair separated at the back than at the front. The stylist begins to snip away at one of the “spikes.”8.16a1She continues to trim each section, making sure that each section of hair has been trimmed equally. They are all the exact same length, and because they are stiff with gel, it is easy to tell when they are perfectly straight. Other clients love to watch the unique method!8.16a2The gel is washed out and the hair is dried with rollers to give it volume and body! The layers shine through in a perfectly symmetrical way! It didn’t take as long as a regular trim, and with this method, it is often a guaranteed perfect outcome every time!8.16a3Would you give this crazy method a try, or will you stick to your regular cut and style at your favorite salon?

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