This Guy Was Stranded And Late For An Interview. The Manager Of This Hotel STUNNED Everyone. OMG!

This story is blowing people’s minds. In this day and age, no one trusts anyone. Ever. Sure, we might do someone a great kindness or help them out when they are in trouble, but what this manager did is simply unheard of. In a world of mistrust and hatred, this story is one of the craziest to pop up…mostly because people can’t┬ábelieve that this incident actually happened.

This is a picture of the world’s best Front Office Manager. 9-29a8His name is Freddie Brooks and he works at the Sheraton Providence Airport Hotel. I was already running late when my second car service cancelled this morning leaving me stranded and 30 minutes away from my next interview. The front desk manager must have sensed my panic when I asked how soon he could arrange a cab.

‘It’s going to take awhile and it’s going to be really expensive. Why don’t you take my car?’

And with that, he walked my slack jawed self out the door and put the keys to his BMW into my hands and said “Don’t work too hard.”
The man gave me his car. Needless to say there will be multiple letters of praise and gratitude to SPG as well as a full tank and a nice bottle of something coming to him when I get back tonight.

All day I keep playing out how matter of fact he was.

How often do we live worrying about the worst that can happen. This guy is making the choice to live his life asking what’s the best that can happen.This act of trust and generosity will sit with me for a long time.”

But why is everyone so shocked? Because they would expect a stranger to take advantage of the situation. To damage or steal the car, to somehow use the situation to their advantage, to drive off and never come back. This level of trust is astounding and has people wondering “what if everyone in the world could be like Freddie Brooks?” The world would be a very different place.


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