This Guy Traveled The States With His “Giant” Toy Godzilla And It’s Beautiful

Kieran Murray runs an Instagram account for his friend, “Ryan Godzilling” who has trouble using social media as he is, in fact, a Godzilla. As a giant lizard, his scaly lizard hands have trouble not breaking keyboards and touch screens which can get pretty expensive. So, Murray decided to indulge his pet, Ryan, by documenting their crazy adventures in adorable snapshots across the United States.

On a trip to New York, Ryan decided to dress up for the festive occasion. Using his expertise with photography and editing, Murray doesn’t hold back when it comes to incorporating Ryan Godzilling into his magical snapshots. He pays attention to all of the details! Now shadow, reflection, or lighting is left unnoticed which makes for extremely believable pictures.

The fanciful pictures have gone viral thanks to his editing skills, and a lot of people are in love with the traveling toy. The toy even got its own seat on the airplane. (Ryan probably requested an extra pillow).

Hilariously, no one questioned the toy going with him on all of his trips.No one seemed to be bothered by the giant toy in the swimming pool! And if you’ll notice the reflection of the orange inner tube against the toy’s body, you’ll probably be extra impressed at Murray’s attention to detail!

Who doesn’t love a bunch of quirky vacation photos? He should make a book for his coffee table.

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