This Guy Tells The World What It’s REALLY Like To Be A Stay-At-Home Dad…With HONEST Clarity!

Society is so quick to place labels on our roles in life. If you are a stay-at-home mother, people will ask when you plan to start working again and “why aren’t you putting your child in daycare?” If you are a working mother and use daycare, they will ask “don’t you think it would be better to just stay home with them?” There is no “right” answer when it comes to raising children, and when a “dad” decides to stay home with the children instead of the “mom,” people can become especially opinionated…he wrote this to shut them all up, and I think he did a great job of it!

After 6 years of being the working parent, I’ve accepted the role of stay at home dad.

…And it’s awesome. Holy s*** guys, it’s incredible. I rock the s*** outta this house. Meals, dishes, laundry, cleaning, and shopping is my new jam. I wake up and treat the house like a job, and I’m employee of the month.

There’s a stigma about stay at home dads. I’ve heard it all, especially from family. “You’re the man of the house. You need a job.” Straight up, you’re right. And I’ve just landed myself the sweetest gig on the planet. Rocking out all day with my little girl. I’ve made a living my whole life and for the first time I feel like I’m actually living. Sure, I don’t get a paycheck, but I get to spend stupid amounts of time with my princess.

The wife has accepted a full time position. She had cabin fever something silly. I knew that she was ready to get back out there and earn and she couldn’t be happier. We’ve basically switched roles. And it’s radical. I do the f*** out these dishes. I suit up and kill the laundry monster every morning. I flipped that pantry on its head and instituted a system that ensures we don’t go without. And I get to do it all my way. S***, I’m a manager out here.

How does the wife feel? You’ve never seen a woman so turned on by a man scrubbing kitchen floors. She says “They can keep their sweaty football players, mechanics, and models. I’m all about that apron.” lol And she’s happy. She has a newfound confidence, waking each day and dressing to impress. She feels like a member of the community again. Not just an employee to a “three year old terrorist” she says.

I know that most guys would rather go out and get the money. I was the same way, even as I accepted my new role. But I quickly realized that life is short and I love my family. I set my stupid man s*** on the shelf and had a tea party while it collected dust. I’m a dad. And I’m good at it.

So, to the dads out working jobs and the dads at home working just as hard. Remember that time = love. Time spent earning or time spent raising is time for your family. Whatever you’re doing, do your best and own it.

He doesn’t care about what anyone thinks! He tells it like it is, and wants everyone to know that no matter how you decide your family will function, what’s most important is that everyone involved is happy! His wife gets to do what she loves, their toddler gets all of the attention in the world, and dad gets to keep track of the house! What could be better? This guy knows what he’s talking about!

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