This Guy Settled Into The Bed In His Hotel Room…What He Found Under The Covers?! Gross!!

It’s a nightmare come true! For most of us, anyway.

It’s been a long trip! A bus ride, a flight, and maybe even a few hours waiting for a train to the city. You’re grimy from the trip, it’s getting late, but you need to check into the hotel and prepare for that meeting in the morning (who has meetings at 7am?!) and maybe shower. You finally settle in for the night in the soft, comfortable bed…and your foot hits something under the covers.4.6a8

That is the reality that interrupted one redditor’s stay at a hotel! He posted a picture of what he discovered online…


If you’re reading this, then house-keeping did not change your sheets!”

Icky! I could feel the shivers that ran down your spine from here. Most hotels have a thorough cleaning staff who do their job very well. But that small percentage of staff that cut corners? They usually get fired on the spot for things like this! Sure, it looks clean. And that’s a problem that most guests don’t think about.

See, the previous occupant made the bed well enough that they were able to hide a note under the covers. That means they probably tidied up their room, too. To the cleaning staff, it looks like the bed hadn’t been slept in. Should they have changed the sheets anyway? Yes. But I understand why the mistake could have been made!

The next time you’re staying in a hotel, here is how you should leave the room. (To prevent things like this from happening AND to help out that over-worked maid!):

  1. Strip the sheets and pillow cases off the bed and leave them in a pile on the mattress. (If you leave them on the floor, the maid has to bend down and pick up all of those heavy linens. After 20+ times, that can start to really hurt!)
  2. Take all used towels, washcloth, and bath mat and place in one pile on the bathroom counter.
  3. Take the trash can from under the desk and the trash can from the bathroom and place them together next to the bathroom door.
  4. Replace the iron and ironing board (wrap or retract cord of iron).
  5. Open the curtains.

The staff will thank you, and if you travel to the same hotels frequently, they will remember you (for good reasons!) on your next stay.

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