This Guy Re-Creates Famous Movie Scenes With His Cat In 8 Hilarious Photos

Tara and Willow, a delightful pair of Burmese cats, were born to be stars! Just because they aren’t actually human doesn’t mean that they can’t fulfill their dreams of one day making it onto the silver screen in a summer blockbuster. Thanks to their creative humans, Dave and Sarah, the kitties are getting that shot at stardom by taking the lead in these famous movie scenes! One day, their dreams will come true…for now, they will settle for internet fame!The project started when the duo decided to use one of their pictures as a quiz question at their local pub during a local event. It was so much fun, they decided to keep at it, spending their weekends coming up with fun scenes to re-create in purr-fect fasion.The cats love the movie-magic sessions because they are showered with treats in order to get them into the correct positions for each shot! It can be difficult to work with cats, but Dave and Sarah have a lot of patience (and a lot of treats).They still use the re-creations for their quizzes, but now, they have a large following online with lots of adoring fans!Can you guess them all?

(The outtakes are pretty funny too!)Have you ever tried something like this with your cats?

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