This Guy Punches A Wild Cougar To Save His Dog

When danger strikes, do you fight back, or do you run? Will Gibb had no idea who or what was attacking his pet, but he didn’t hesitate to try and save his best friend.

Gibb, who was 31 at the time of the attack, was meeting a friend for coffee. He let his two dogs, adorably named Sasha and Mongo, for a run around the parking lot. Only a few moments later, he heard Sasha yelping in pain and crying for help.

 He ran towards his pets and immediately began to try and save his dog. He punched the creature in the head.
When the animal backed away from the attack, he realized that his punch had landed on a wild cougar!
The cat didn’t back down, and all three of them defended themselves against the attacking cougar. During the scuffle, Sasha bit Gibb’s hand on accident, but Gibb stood between the cougar and his dogs to prevent them from sustaining any more injuries. He didn’t care that the cat was dangerous. He kept throwing punches.

“I could see the cougar going for him, so I got between him and the cougar and started swinging and screaming at it, and called for my brother and friend to come give a hand,” Gibb said. “And then I reached down for the closest, biggest stick that I could find and I ran back into the trees to go fight the cougar.”

Authorities eventually caught and killed the cougar. Gibb and his dogs were taken to the hospital and stitched up. They are expected to make a full recovery.

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