This Guy Only Ate Potatoes For An Entire Year. THIS Is What He Has To Say About It!

You may remember this story of a man who made the bold decision to spend an entire year eating only potatoes…well, here he is over a year later with the incredible results! When Andrew Flinders Taylor decided to adopt the curious diet of “potatoes,” people were skeptical…but the father from Melbourne just knew it would work.

He had done his research and came to the conclusion that he would be able to receive all of the necessary vitamins, minerals, and fiber from a combination of white and sweet potatoes, with the addition of calcium-fortified soy milk.

I’m getting over 600 per cent of my daily iron retirements and over 400 per cent of vitamin c as well as heaps of fiber – all things that so-called experts have said I’d be low in today,” he said.

Throughout the process, he wanted to train himself to think of food as fuel instead of as a way to pass the time or indulge in. So far, he has lost 120 pounds with very little exercise. As he began to lose the weight, he became more active and started riding on a bike for about an hour each day.

As he shared his journey, more and more people decided to join him. While people want to lose weight, their main goal when trying this diet is teach themselves about portion control.

Would you eat ONLY potatoes for an entire year?

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