This Guy Left For 3 Days And Spent His Entire Paycheck. When His Wife Confronts Him, THIS Happens!

In my family, I don’t touch our finances. It’s not that I can’t, it is simply the fact that I don’t love to sit in front of spreadsheets on our computer and make calculations with our finances quite like my husband does. He loves to manage the money, and I have absolutely no problem letting him do it. Hey, it gives me more time to do the things I like the he hates to do. Compromise is a part of any marriage, but when one person does something THIS drastic without bothering to check with their partner…well, I’m not too terribly surprised at the outcome of this story!

While I would never justify violence, I can totally understand the anger she would feel after being treated this way! I can’t imagine the fury I would feel if this happened to me!! …Although, if it had come to this, there were probably a lot of other issues in that relationship that could lead to such a dramatic outcome. Well, someone heard about it and decided to share it with the internet. So basically, here’s what not to do in a relationship!

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