This Guy Kicked A Dirty Old Man Out Of His Bar. His Heated Outrage Is Going VIRAL! He’s REALLY Mad!

The owner of Black Acre Brewing Company went on a rampage when a stubborn customer refused to stop harassing his female employees on the grounds that “we’re men and they’re females.” Are you mad yet? You’re about to be.

The issue had been going on since the beginning of the year, but the grimy old man thought that it was okay for him to make sexist, raunchy comments to the women because of the way they were dressed. Besides, he was a paying customer, and he apologized, so the servers were just being “too sensitive.”

It was the last straw for this owner, and he not only took action, he wants others to follow his lead. His angry Facebook post went viral instantly, and thousands of people support his opinion 100%.


The sad thing is that there are still people out there who disagree. They can’t seem to understand that this isn’t just an opinion, it’s respect for the people around them. Basic human decency shouldn’t have to be defended, but here we are in 2016 reading about a creep who thinks it’s alright to objectify and insult women because he likes the way they look.

The post has a lot of people wondering what the right way to handle the situation was. Some think that he was too hard on the guy, and some think he should have taken it further by issuing a restraining order.

When you see someone treating a woman with disrespect, imagine for one moment that she is your mother, or your sister, or your daughter, or your wife. Because she is someone’s mother, or sister, or daughter, or wife. It shouldn’t matter that she isn’t related by blood. And that is the point this guy is trying to make.

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