This Guy Is Eating NOTHING But Potatoes For An Entire Year. Do You Think He’s Crazy?!

Obviously, eating nothing but bland potatoes would be enough to drive anyone crazy. Animals can do it just fine – my dogs would eat nothing but kibble day in and day out if I didn’t add in eggs and chicken to their diet. Humans? Not so much. We don’t like monotony, and eating potatoes for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner might just be the worst thing that many people can imagine.


Andrew Taylor wanted to battle his addiction to food. He was so frustrated with his past failed diets that he decided to do something…well, “extreme” seems like an understatement here.

I’m hoping that this year I’ll be able to retrain my brain to get comfort, pleasure and emotional support from other areas of life. If I’m successful then at the end of the year I’ll be less reliant on food and therefore have a better relationship with it.”

He did a lot of research before he started this endeavor, and although he has gotten some criticism, the general consensus is that what he’s doing is amazing.

He’s even posted a few recipes to help him get through it all.

Potato Pancakes:


1 – blend raw potatoes into liquid.

2 – add enough potato flour to make it a pancakey consistency (I’m sure other flours will work but obviously I’m using potato flour, another thing I hadn’t heard of before this!)

3 – cook them like any other pancakes. I use a granite fry pan, which is non-stick so I don’t have to use oil.

4 – Enjoy 🙂

Potatoes contain potassium, Vitamin C, and fiber. They don’t contain enough protein, calcium, or any other vitamins like A, E, or K. He mixes his potatoes with soy milk and extra calcium, and following the recommendation of his dietitian, he has also added in sweet potatoes.

This isn’t the craziest diet out there…but I can’t see too many people rushing to start it! What do you think about this spud-tastic diet? Nothing but potatoes for a year sounds like a huge challenge, but I really hope this all works out for him! And if it doesn’t, he could write a book. Win – win.

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