This Guy Is Donating Time, Energy, And Money To Fix The City’s Problem

In a small town in Massachusetts, a man was spotted doing something very strange.

While driving down a two-lane street, Kathleen Lynch started to see white trash bags dotting the side of the road – on both sides – and she was confused. The bags were spaced 15 to 20 feet apart along the roadsides, and when she spotted a man further down. At first, she passed him…but less than a mile later, she turned around. She just had to ask him what was happening because he was obviously alone.

Whatcha doing?” She asked.

The man just smiled and told her that he was picking up trash, but she knew that wasn’t the whole story and asked him if he was doing it just because he wanted to.

Well I live right around the corner, I like to fish in this area and there’s trash everywhere. There are no houses on this section of the road, so nobody cleans it up.” He answered.

Here it was, a chilly Saturday afternoon, and he had spent money and time to clean up the road that the entire neighborhood passes by daily. Kathleen only lived a mile away, herself.

I told him I couldn’t wait to tell my Daisy girl scout troop about him and the good work he was doing. I thanked him again, asked for his name and for permission to take his picture, and then said goodbye. His name is Scott Quimby, and he lives in East Bridgewater. He was not doing community service, he simply cared enough to do something about the litter that lines our streets and neighborhoods. With Earth Day right around the corner, let’s keep Scott’s story with us. Next time you see a piece of trash on the road, pick it up. Let the last cigarette butt you threw out the car window, be the last. If you don’t take the time to recycle, reconsider. Encourage the company you work for to do the same.”

People who work for the city chimed in to remind people that even things that they think are “biodegradable” probably aren’t…and those apple cores and banana peels that get tossed out of windows make the problem worse as they entice animals to get too close to the road, endangering not only the animals but the drivers that end up hitting them.

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