This Guy Guessed ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Puzzle With Just ONE Letter! Could YOU Have Done It?

If you ever get the chance to play board games with Robert Santoli, 23, make sure that you are always on his team! He was a contestant on the popular game show ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ a game in which players compete to guess a hidden word or phrase as it is revealed, one letter at a time. If you’ve ever seen it, you may have been drawn in to attempt a guess while the players are spinning the wheel and guessing random letters until they are able to solve the puzzle.

But if you watched while Robert was competing, you never had a chance.

Take a look at some of his more impressive guesses from that night, and see if you can figure it out before reading the answer underneath!10-12a1The answer? “Port & Starboard”10-12a2Stumped? “Oh what a night”10-12a3It seems simple, but many people didn’t get it at first! “Don’t let the cat out of the bag”

According to Santoli, he has studied nearly 13 years worth of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ puzzles. He created spreadsheets using data collected from each and every episode of the game show, coming up with the most common words from each category, while letters were more common in the bonus rounds, and even which words link phrases between different categories!

After being accepted onto the show, he was told that the episode would have a nautical theme. He immediately began creating mock categories with marine-themed answers to prepare himself! He knew that one wrong answer could mean he would lose it all…but instead, he walked away with $76,000!


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