This Guy Gets Offended When She Starts To Question His Finances…He Has The PERFECT Response!

What do you do when you are concerned for your friend’s well-being? While it is not polite to question another person’s finances, it might be worth it to dig a little into why they are spending their money on certain things…but in general, it’s not the kind of advice that is taken lightly! If you happen to be best friends, sure, it probably won’t be such a bad conversation to have…but what if you have only just met? What if it’s just a stranger on the street? One woman started asking probing questions to a man she saw standing outside on his smoke break, and the conversation did not go the way she had planned!


Oh! Although she did have a point, she was completely out of line! This makes me wonder why I haven’t saved up for a nice car yet…or a house. Or any large purchase, really! I can’t imagine what made her start this line of questioning – did she think she was being helpful?! Yikes! Mind your own business next time!

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