This Guy Decided That “Retirement” Didn’t Mean “Boring.” Yes, This Floating Tiki Bar Is REAL!

Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

Sunny beaches. Warm sand. Boats, bars, and bottomless margaritas. Are you jealous yet? This company will sell you a motorized floating tiki bar for a little over $20,000. (Or a free-floating version for the low Low LOW price of $16,500!!)

This dream-worthy octagon was created to navigate the “Venice of Florida” a.k.a the canals of Ft Lauderdale while never losing your buzz. Traverse all 160+ miles of this city with your best friends or random strangers who are just looking for a good time! This is fabulous.


How much do you want to be this guy right now? I’m guessing a resounding, “so much.”4.4a10

Steering this sea-worthy vessel would not be complete without a place to set your wine glass full of happiness, ‘amiright? 4.4a11

Your trip wouldn’t be complete without a complimentary drink coaster! Because you know, you might forget being on this floating masterpiece.4.4a12

Name it something catchy! They won’t always call it “that floating tiki bar,” and when there are 50 on the canals, you’ll need to be able to find the one you want. 4.4a13

Think it shuts down when the sun sets? Think again! The party really starts when the LED lights pop on! Get ready to party and blast some Jimmy Buffet.

Would you hop on one of these floating happiness platforms if it meandered nearby? This seems like the best way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon! Grab some friends, kick back, and have a delicious cocktail on the water! Be prepared to have your picture taken by jealous tourists, though.

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