This Gross Halloween Prank Is Putting The “Trick” Back In “Trick Or Treat”

This tweet by Mark Sparrow is blowing up on Twitter by suggesting that people dip cooked Brussels sprouts in a thick layer of chocolate as a trick “for the neighborhood kids,” and people have a LOT of opinions about it!10-27a5One parents argued that the kids who received these would definitely come back and egg the house in retaliation. Another suggested wrapping these in deceptive golden wrappers and handing them out to kids who didn’t dress up in a costume but expected candy regardless.

But many parents argued that it was a complete waste of time because responsible parents will toss out anything that has been opened, was clearly homemade, or looks in any way suspicious before letting their children dig into their Halloween spoils. Avoiding poisoned candies, crushed glass, or sharp objects embedded in unwrapped chocolates by vicious individuals is sadly a very real threat, making this prank useless.

Others weighed in on this sentiment, agreeing that kids shouldn’t eat unwrapped candies from strangers…but that the kids who came over for Halloween parties were prime targets for this prank! Having a plate of chocolate covered sprouts mixed in with chocolate covered cake balls would make for the perfect party prank!

Where do you stand on this clever trick? If you happen to try it, make sure to have a camera on hand to capture the reactions!

Trick or treat!


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