This Grandma Is Raising Triplets And Bartending To Make Ends Meet. When This Couple Overhears, They Leave THIS For Her To Find!

When Bentley, Ashton, and Dalton were only 2 months old, their mother realized that she couldn’t give them the care that they needed. The single mother was already struggling to raise a toddler, and triplets turned out to be too much to handle. After 2 months, she reached out to her mother and asked for help. Sheila Weisgerber was their grandmother and stepped up to the challenge by offering to take the boys into her care. She knew that it would be tough, but she was determined to help her daughter as much as possible.¬†

¬†Sheila readily agreed – after all, that’s what family is for!

During one of her shifts, two strangers were fascinated by her stories about the triplets, overhearing a conversation she was having with a customer at the bar. They left this note for her on their table, and when she found it, she couldn’t stop crying.

I’m at work tonight (am still) and this couple comes in and orders drinks. I was talking to a couple regulars about the boys and this couple overheard and said “Triplets?!?” and I smiled and said yes. So I showed them a picture and they were like “Holy Cow!” 5.5a23Well they paid with a card and left their slip to on the bar, told me to have a good night and left. I cleared their glasses and took their slip to put in the til and this is what they left. 5.5a21I couldn’t believe it! I had to go to the bathroom and cry for a few minutes….You only read about things like this happening…So grateful!

This random act of kindness came at just the right time, too. The last few months had been hard and “we really needed a boost,” she said. You never know who needs a little extra helping hand, and those strangers wouldn’t have known anything other than the fact that she was raising triplets…although, that statement on its own says a LOT! She’s doing the best she can, and should be proud of her handsome boys!

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