This Goldfish Has A Bladder Disorder And Needed A “Chair.” He Made One…And Then Made It Even BETTER!

Derek owns a pet store, and when a client came in with a peculiar problem, he knew just what to do!

The little goldfish had a permanent bladder disorder that left him unable to keep his body upright. He would flop around, stuck at the bottom of the tank, usually upside-down. It was an uncomfortable disorder, but Derek had a crazy idea. He used clear tubing and tiny valves to create a “chair” that would keep the fish upright. It was attached with small weights and a piece of styrofoam at the top to keep the fish upright at all times.The story went viral, and people everywhere were very concerned about the little fish. They had ideas and hoped that the fish might end up with a more comfortable chair as it looked like he was being squeezed with the tubes. Derek tried again and even created a new and improved device that would be very cozy and functional.The soft fabric and strategically placed weights will let this little guy swim around right side up from now on! The special chair is taken off at night to give itself a rest, and many people suggested a new diet of skinned peas might also help!

In any case, “wheelchair fish” is happy with his new life, and people are so glad that she shared the story!

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