This Girl’s “Spun Glass” Hair Has A Lot Of Parents Talking: “Let Kids Be Kids.”

It goes by several different names, but “uncombable hair syndrome” is perplexing and frustrating to the parents who discover the condition in their children. It isn’t just that the hair breaks off easily at the scalp, but that each strand of hair is affected by a rare structural anomaly. While most hair is circular, these strands are triangular, making them much harder to handle.

In most cases, the hair is the color of straw and rarely grows out longer than a few inches before breaking. That’s the case with little Shilah.

But instead of constantly trying to tame the wild locks on her daughter, this mom embraces them. She applies products to help moisturize the hair and keep it from breaking too frequently, but in the end, there isn’t very much that she can do simply because of the hair’s structural integrity.
Sometimes, they try out different hair styles, but more often than not, Shilah chooses her natural look. Even when the hair is combed out, it won’t stay that way for long.

Parents and curious onlookers frequently try to give mom advice that she’s already tried; silk pillows, hair wraps at night, not washing it every day, and every product under the sun. This advice is usually double-edged and implies that mom just “isn’t trying hard enough.”

More parents, however, rush to her defense. Instead of subjecting her child to countless treatments and spending hours each day to fight against the condition, shouldn’t her child be allowed to spend that time playing and exploring and learning?

Which side are YOU on?

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