This Girl Puts A Stocking Cap On Her Head And Snaps A Photo. The Results Made A Celebrity Do The Same Thing!

She made a wild claim that she looks just like one celebrity when she puts a stocking cap over her head. That leads us to wonder…why was she putting a stocking cap over her head in the first place?! Unless she was about to rob a house or do a skit for a stand-up comedy show, there aren’t too many other reasons that she could have found herself in this position…but maybe we can just overlook that for a moment and focus on this beautiful woman and her hilarious hidden talent.


“So, do you have any hidden talents?” Someone might ask her while on a first date.

“Yes,” She’ll say as she pulls out the stocking cap that she saves for just such occasions. “Behold.” (Probably.)

She looks so much like Gilbert Gottfried that the man himself couldn’t let this outrageous opportunity pass him by!

He didn’t hesitate to pull a hair net over his face and tweet a picture side-by-side, but only proving that this girl looks more like Gilbert Gottfried than Gilbert Gottfried looks like himself. Seriously, how does she do that? I laughed more than I should have. This is so funny! We love it when celebrities respond to the antics of fans or hecklers. It makes them more human and relatable. And in this case, probably a little bit on the crazy side! Too funny!

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