This Gingerbread Mansion Is Cooler Than Your House (And Took 500 Hours To Build!)

Yes, you read that right. An mansion made of gingerbread. This isn’t some small gingerbread mansion, either. No, this is glorious cookie goodness with a stunning design that is as tall as a toddler. They decided to create a replica of Waddesdon Manor, and they knocked it out of the park.

The French Renaissance-style masterpiece took hundreds of man-hours to create and assemble. The amount of details that went into each part of the cookie-home is outrageous – from the little designs on the windows to the chimney stacks on the roof.12-2z12And did you notice the walls?! The piped boarders on the panels rivals the minuscule details on the curtains, and the rug looks like it could easily be sold in a designer store.12-2z13They worked on the project for months and used a large number of ingredients. 65 pounds of butter and sugar, 240 eggs, and 475 pounds of icing. Seriously.12-2z14The team picked the most oppulent rooms to replicate and added as much detail as possible using icing and even lighting to create the illusion that the cookies are real, functional pieces of furniture. You can even see the hands on the tiny clock!12-2z15Does this cookie masterpiece inspire you to create something similar this year? Maybe your gingerbread house can be a mansion, too! For however long this home lasts, at least it’ll make the entire room smell like the holidays! You can see the room comparisons here!


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