This “Galaxy In A Bottle” Is The Newest Trend That Has EVERYONE Talking! Make It At Home! It’s So EASY!

Galaxy themed clothing and accessories has been trending for a while now, but it has really taken off in new and exciting ways in the craft world! The newest trend? A galaxy as decoration! I think these are incredibly fun, and they are perfectly safe crafts to do with the kids! Just be sure to wear play clothes because there is dye involved with this project. Gather the kids, some empty glass bottles, and a bit of creativity to create your very own bottled nebula! Add sparkle to any room with just a few fun colors and a lot of imagination!


See? They are pretty amazing. I LOVE all of that glitter! So here is what you’ll need:

  • A glass bottle or jar with a lid that won’t leak.
  • Cotton balls.
  • Glitter.
  • Water.
  • Food coloring or fabric dye.
  • A long stick (I used a wooden skewer).
  • Cups for mixing the colors.
  • A funnel.
  • Glue or clear nail polish to seal the lids tight.

Gather your items and let’s get started! The wonders of the galaxy are just a few minutes away! Unless you’re doing this with kids. Then maybe the wonders of the galaxy are an hour or two away…


First, mix a few ounces of water with the food coloring or dye. Don’t worry, the colors will lighten once you add the cotton balls! Most of the tutorials only use two colors to prevent too much mixing, but you can experiment with more if you want to! Mix your two colors in separate glasses and get your empty glass jar.10.30m

You’ll want to fill your jar about 1/4 of the way full with your colored water. Pull apart some cotton balls or shove them in whole until the dye has been absorbed by the cotton. If you are going to add glitter, this is where you do it! Mix it around with your long stick until the glitter is visible on the outside. Once you have a nice layer, add in more cotton balls until your bottle is about 3/4 full.


Now you can add in your second color. If you want your nebula to look more like the Milky Way, add in plain water to allow the white cotton to show through before adding your second color. Be sure to add the glitter as you go! You don’t want the colors to mix that much. Poke the cotton balls with your long stick to mix the water slightly before adding more cotton balls to the top. Once you have filled the rest of the jar with cotton, add a small amount of the first color to the very top to complete the effect. Seal the lid on tight with glue, nail polish, or any other type of sealant. You’ll want this to be very secure so that your nebula won’t leak out and make a mess!10.30o

These are a few ideas to help you along! These corked bottles are made with clear glitter and only two colors of dye. Very mystical!10.30p

These are made with only one color of dye, and they are sealed completely in order to be used as key chains or necklaces. They also did not add enough cotton balls to fill up the entire jar, giving these “nebulas” the illusion that they are just floating around in space! 10.30qq

Get creative and see what awesome space objects you can make! I used silver glitter, but you can use any kind that you have on hand! Experiment with different color and cotton combinations to get a cool effect. Some crafters are reporting that if you use tonic water, your nebulas may glow under a black light. Some crafters have used glow-in-the-dark fabric paint on their cotton balls to REALLY make these projects POP! Have fun and see what crazy creations you can make with this fun craft!

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