This Furious Physician Sends THIS To A Company In Response To Their Ridiculous Policy! This Is Brilliant.

This ordeal took place in Nova Scotia, where healthcare is mostly free. This means that hospitals and doctor’s offices can get tied up very quickly when people come in for non-medical emergencies. One problem that the country is facing is happening due to employers requiring a doctor’s excuse when they are absent. This doctor stated that in only one shift, her office can see as many as five requests for an excuse to return to work. When these patients only have a cold or a virus, the best thing for them is to stay home and drink liquids, not come to the crowded office, infect others, all just for a note. What she did about it? I love it.

11.19aaSome people say that the employers have a right to request such documentation, and I will agree up to a point. If your employee has missed a week of work claiming to be sick, a doctor’s excuse is understandable. If your employee missed an hour or two in the morning due to a head cold, making them go to the doctor for a note is a little outrageous. The push is for employers and employees to create a better system when it comes to missing work and not to rely on a note from a physician. What do you think of her policy?

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